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Ampfibian Plus

Power your caravan / RV at home or on the road with the Ampfibian RV-PLUS 15A caravan power adaptor. Exclusively designed for caravan / RV travellers with the best combination of features and value for money available. Safely connect your 15A caravan/RV/camper-trailer to a 10A outlet*, at home and on the road. Keeps your property safe with 2400W overload protection and keeps you safe with RCD protection. It’s weatherproof to IP55 and has a padlock attachment point so it won’t go missing.




Ampfibian Max

Rugged weather-proof 15A to 10A power adaptor for caravan, outdoor, trade and commercial use. Safely connect your 15A device e.g. compressor, welder or grinder to any domestic 10A outlet*.