Month: September 2016

Caravan Camping Sales Future Leader Winner


2016 Winner!

Coming from a supplier background and frustrated with what she saw was on offer in caravans, Gabby Montagnese in a very short time has firmly planted herself as an industry leader in caravan manufacturing. Concentrating on a keen interest in consumer trends backed by very clear business systems Gabby is continuing to test and innovate so that she can be recognised as an industry leader and drive industry behaviour through success. An incredible personal story showcases the structured approach to her thinking, and her ability to manage work / life balance with the pressures of a fast growing business in a highly competitive sector is simply inspirational. Gabby’s interview blew away the judges in her confidence, understanding of industry issues, and willingness to not only be successful but contribute to the broader industry framework.

The whole process was incredibly humbling with all six finalists worthy representatives who will hopefully go on to play a more significant role in both state and national activities and feature heavily in decision making committees and Boards into the future.

“If this is the quality of future decision makers on behalf of our industry, then the industry is in very good stead,” said Federal Chairman Mark Lindsay.

“The understanding of issues and a fresh look at solutions coupled with the enthusiasm and passion exhibited by these individuals is a lesson in why the future leaders of our industry should be encouraged and provided a pathway so that their voices are heard in the decision making tables around the country.”

As the winner of the 2016 CaravanCampingSales Future Leaders Award Gabby will be provided a $15,000 scholarship for professional development with each finalist also receiving an advertising package with the naming rights sponsor CaravanCampingSales and a $1,000 professional development scholarship