Month: January 2017

Why Choose a New Age Caravan?

Superior Customer Support for the Life of your Caravan

R&D and a Safety Testing Partnership using Walkinshaw HSV facilities and expertise

Fastest Growing Caravan brand in Australia

Attention to detail like no other manufacturer

Innovation & Dedication to Improving your Caravanning Experience

Operating since 2008, New Age Caravans has long been committed to creating caravans with all the comforts of home. We’ve designed all our caravans with you in mind, offering the space, quality and innovation that make our caravans something you’ll actually want to travel in. Whether you’re looking for new caravans for those short trips or something to travel Australia in, New Age Caravans has a specially designed cabin for you. Don’t delay! Striving to make each caravan as comfortable, spacious, and convenient as possible, we use innovative and reliable materials in the construction and finish of our caravans and poptops. We only use:

  • High quality Italian Timber Components (Meranti)
  • Trusted quality brands for the electrics, tyres, & appliances (Cooper, Dometic, Thetford etc)
  • Cutting-edge technology used to build each caravan (CNC precision)

A Wholly Customer Focused Company Priding Ourselves on Reliability

New Age Caravans have a very decorated history of contributing and donating to many excellent causes across Australia. Our main company philosophy is to be the most reliable caravan provider in Australia, and through our 100% dedication to our customers’ needs, we exceed all expectation.

23 Reasons To Buy A New Age Caravan

1. We are the fastest growing manufacturer in the industry
2. We believe in our product and invest in our people, our industry and our customers
3. We are the creators and innovators of the industry
4. We use leading technology and the best components to deliver a quality built product
5. We listen, care and our approach is personal
6. We deliver 5 star accommodation where ever you end up
7. We are consistently communicating with our customers through surveys to enhance our product
8. Australian owned and managed
9. Over 19 years’ experience in design and building caravans
10. We believe we have the best resale value in the industry
11. We are consistently researching and developing the future of caravanning
12. We have state of the art facility where we manufacturer our product
13. We donate and participate in many community events and charities
14. We value our customer feedback
15. The end result in our product thrills caravan owners
16. We have the lowest warranty claims in the industry
17. We invest in our staff to be willing to answer any enquiry
18. We trial all new products before we implement them
19. We have a wide rang of layouts to cater for all types of travel
20. Our vision in the future is not be the biggest but the best
21. NRMA road side assist. We do not shy away from our product
22. Exclusive to New Age water testing facilities
23. Example of tow testing done by New Age Caravans

Tag Along with us to the Yowah Opal Festival!

All Caravanners that are interested in joining us on our trip to Yowah are Welcome!

Yowah is an easy 2 hour drive from Cunnamulla, on a sealed road. City caravanners can meet us at the Gold Coast dealership on the 12th July AM to depart by 8am. We stop over at Kamarooka Tourist Park, St George on the evening of the 12th July and arrive at Yowah on the 13th in the afternoon. Trip includes free site fees at St George and Yowah for New Age caravanners and Opal Mine tour. Fuel not included.

You can book via email