Year: 2018

Understanding Caravan & Towing Dimensions

Ready to buy a New Age Caravan? Getting ready for your next caravan trip away?

It is critical that you give careful consideration to the legal requirements about the dimensions of your tow vehicle and caravan.

Caravanning – it’s where memories are created, and to ensure happy travels follow the below caravanning tips for safe and pleasant travels.

If you need to discuss or clarify the below feel free to call a New Age Caravan expert on 1300 NEW AGE.

Caravan Length

The length of a caravan (from the front to the rear foremost points on the vehicle including accessories such as bikes and bumpers), other than a semi-trailer must not exceed 12.5 metres.

Caravan Height

The height of any caravan including accessories such as airconditioners and hatches must not exceed 4.3 metres in height. Most on-road New Age Caravans are less than 3 metres in overall height. Most offroad New Age Caravans are between 3-3.5 metres in height.


Rear Protuding Loads

Where a load protrudes more than 1.2 metres beyond the rear of a caravan, or when a protruding load cannot be easily seen by a driver following the caravan, a brightly coloured flag or a piece of material at least 300mm x 300mm must be attached to the rear of the load during the day and a red light attached during the night.

If a load protrudes beyond the rear of a caravan ensure you remain within the legal requirements for:

  1. Caravan length (see above)
  2. Total Length
  3. Rear Overhang requirements

Front Protuding Loads

To reduce rear overhang, loads on caravans may protude 1.2 metres from the front of the caravan.

Side Projecting Loads

A load may only project 150mm from the outermost part of either side of a caravan. However a maximum overall width for a caravan is 2500mm (this is the current width of all New Age Caravans with awnings re-tracted)

Gold Coast Big Boys Toys Expo

Big Boys Toys Expo is coming for round TWO and it’s gonna be a KNOCK OUT! With this fantastic new outdoor location at Metricon BigBoysToys can REV, ROAR, and can add in the ACTION – which is exactly what they have been working on, including a 4 x 4 ACTION ARENA, Drone Course/ ATV Course, Hot Rods, V8s and Super Boats. See you there! New Age caravans will be featuring all of our latest models, caravans, pop-tops and the brand new camper designed by Walkinshaw racing. For further information:

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Cleveland Caravan Expo

See you there! We will be featuring all of our latest models, caravans, pop-tops and campers. For further information or to order tickets head to here

Gold Coast Caravan and Outdoor Expo

1-3 March. Metricon Stadium, Carrara, QLD

See you there at this huge expo for SEQ! We will be featuring all of our latest models, caravans, pop-tops and the limited 2019 release Manta Ray – the “LE Limited Edition”! For further information or to book your free entry and breakfast fill out the entry form below:

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Brisbane Pre Christmas Caravan and Camping Sale

25-28 October. Brisbane Showgrounds. 600 Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills, Brisbane, QLD

See you there! We will be featuring all of our latest models, caravans, pop-tops and the latest Walkinshaw designed “Wayfinder” camper. For further information or to book your free entry and breakfast click here

Care for your Caravan Water Tanks

Our first question is, how often do you use your caravan? The chlorine in normal tap water will kill off most bugs. So if you are regularly filling up your tank from tap and driving around (which will dislodge and treat nasties) your tank will be effectively self-cleaning and require no further care. But, left to their own devices, a lack of use of your RV will allow bacteria to grow in your tanks if sitting unused.

If you only use your caravan during the caravan season (school holidays, for example) store her with tanks bone dry, clean the tank and treat the first fill of water before use.

That said, you can never certify your tank is actually completely full or dry so a good water treatment regimen for your tank will help prevent nasties. There are tank sanitiser products out there to clean your tank but simply using lemon juice flush is our organic and natural cleaning tip.

Wayfinder Camper Released!

Partnering with Walkinshaw design New Age Caravans are very excited to launch the brand new Wayfinder Camper!
With streamlined engineering, state of the art technology in the wind up mechanism and a new sleek engineered chassis, its not your ordinary #camper.

For more information please click here

Take your New Age caravan on a journey here next!

800km NorthWest of Brisbane, Springsure is an attractive township nestled into the foothills of the striking Mt Zamia escarpment, with the illuminated ‘Virgin Rock’ at the eastern side of the range.

The Info Center at the Federation Woolshed in Rich Memorial Park is a good place to begin your stay. The friendly staff will provide local insights into several self-drive touring itineraries available (1/2 – full day) which visit points of interest from the region’s rich Aboriginal & European heritage, and stunning scenery.

In town, the heritage listed Hospital and museum contains some interesting relics, and Yumba Burin keeping place at the local cemetery can be visited only accompanied by the caretaker.

10km south-west of Springsure is the historic complex of the Old Rainworth Fort, made up of unique stone building of the ‘fort’, the Cairdbeign Homestead and School.

A Local elder and traditional owner, Lindsay Black, runs tag-along 4WD drives through the district. His tours provide a fascinating glimpse into the history and cultures of Aboriginals and pioneering families.

The region has three unique National Parks: Minerva Hills National Park; Ka Ka Mundi, and Salvator Rosa sections of the Carnarvon National Park. For more information on the National Parks visit

Below is a stunning shot of David and Christine Coleman’s new Big Red Desert Rose hybrid caravan picked up from the Gold Coast.