Month: July 2018

Wayfinder Camper Released!

Partnering with Walkinshaw design New Age Caravans are very excited to launch the brand new Wayfinder Camper!
With streamlined engineering, state of the art technology in the wind up mechanism and a new sleek engineered chassis, its not your ordinary #camper.

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Break Away from the Tour Bus! Explore Australia

Arrive in Brisbane and New Age Caravans in partnership with Nissan can co-ordinate a caravan, vehicle package for your convenience! We even enrol you in a tow course so that you have the confidence on Australia’s vast roads. Take your time and tour Australia with your family in your pace and time.
抵达布里斯班后,与日产合作的New Age Caravans可以协调一个大篷车车辆包装,以方便您!我们甚至为您注册一个拖车课程,让您对澳大利亚广袤的道路充满信心。花时间和你的家人一起游览澳大利亚,以你的速度和时间。

Reel Adventures Win a Fishing Charter Competition

In cooperation with Reel Adventures, win a Fishing Charter with Patty Dangerfield when you purchase a New Age Caravan!