Year: 2019

Win a Merv Hughes Fishing pack

New Age Caravans are proud to join Merv Hughes on his Fishing Show once again this 2019 as naming rights partner. New Age Caravans love supporting this show and we here Merv is looking forward to testing out some of our Australian Made caravans. You can check them out here. On 7mate Starting 5th May at 2.30pm.

As part of a promotional giveaway for New Age, the first 30 customers that buy a caravan between 5 May and 7 July can win a fishing pack. The fishing pack includes:  1 Minelab Metal Detector, 1 pair of Tonic sunglasses and a Shimano rod & reel combo (valued at $1200).

More Aussie women caravan

Woman in a new age caravan

To mark International Women’s Day, new data from Caravan Camping Sales has emerged indicating more female travellers are enjoying camping and caravanning in Australia’s great outdoors.
Latest figures from the Tourism Research Australia National Visitor Survey reveal that in the year ending September 2018, 5.2 million caravan and camping trips were taken by women – up by more than a million trips compared to similar stats taken in 2013.
Total nights spent camping by women were also up over the 12 month period – from 18.5 million nights caravan and camping in Australia in 2013, to 24.4 million in 2018.
According to the most recent survey, the largest age group of women camping was 30-54, which made up 49% of overall trips, followed by the 55-plus group (29% of trips).
The most popular activity amongst women while caravan and camping was dining at local eateries, with three million women making the most of restaurants and cafes in the areas they visited. This was followed by outdoor activities which included going to the beach, sightseeing and bushwalking.
Anecdotal evidence also suggests more women are taking major or active roles in the Australian RV industry, from senior executive positions to consumer advocate roles.
Women-only RV travel communities are also on the rise, driven by online groups like Rolling Solo Australia, which is holding its 3rd annual ‘Stuck in the Middle’ all-female camping trip this year from October 18-25, on West Australia’s Coral Coast.

Click here to view a range of New Age caravans for sale that are popular to women caravanners.

Proud Sponsor of the 2019 SEQJMX Series


SEQJMX friends and family are invited for free tickets and breakfast at the Brisbane Supershow thanks to proud sponsors New Age Caravans.

New Age Caravans have partnered with Walkinshaw Racing and Design to produce a toyhauler caravan that contains bunks for the kids and space for the bikes. It is perfect for those into the Motocross, cycling and kayaking lifestyle. This Toyhauler XU22 is ahead of the rest. It will also be on display at the racemeets and feel free to ask Senior Motocross racer Matthew Kilborn all about it.

Hurry Spots to the Supershow are limited so book here

Welcome to Beau Hudson – our latest Ambassadors

Say a big hello to GC Designer BeauHudson (Sash and Roscoe) are on their Easter caravanning adventures with their three young children (Halen, Duke and Knox) right now!!  Embarking on an adventure that will take them all around SE Queensland in a new New Age Caravan. Drool over their instagram account, keen photographers, the inspiration on their wall was breathtaking!! We are so excited for them and can’t wait to follow along with their stories!!

Tyre Pressure Calculator

Ever wondered the correct tyre pressure for your New Age Caravan, rest assured we have developed a calculator for you to use. Before beginning, make sure you have gone and looked in the tunnel boot of your caravan and cited the compliance plate (you will need to note down the ATM on the compliance plate). Then go and look at the tyres on your caravan – you will need to note down the Max Tyre Pressure which is written on the wall of the tyre (in PSI).

Tips and Tricks to Operating your NCE TV in your New Age Caravan

Does your New Age Caravan have an NCE Smart TV? There are a few tips and tricks that we would like to share with you

The NCE Smart TV operates on 12V power (there is also a 240V power cord if you need it).

Ensure a 12V power supply is running to your caravan (the Drifter unit connected to your batteries near the door entry needs to be on).

Ensure the 12V power cord is connected to the TV at the back *before* plugging the cord into the caravan’s ceiling power point (which looks like a cigarette lighter). This often will prevent a fuse blowing.

For Free to Air TV, ensure you have erected your caravan antenna and the booster is on. Then plug your antenna cable from the caravan into the RF In point of the TV.

For Satellite TV, ensure you have erected your Satellite and the booster is on. Then plug your coaxial cable from the satellite/caravan into the Coax In point of the TV.

If a fuse has blown you will know because the power cord will not display a light and also the LED ceiling lights in your caravan will not be working. The fuse to replace in this instance is in the connecter of the power cord going into the roof.

Still Need Assistance?

If you need further assistance feel free to call the helpful team at NCE

Tel: 1300 366 024

Upgrading your Caravan Compliance Plate

new age caravan compliance plate

There is no legal requirement about payload for Australian caravans. But as a Duty of Care New Age caravans now allow for maximum 400kg on single-axle caravans and 600kg for dual-axle caravans.

Did you know your pre- 2018 New Age Caravan may qualify for an ATM upgrade on the compliance plate?

If you wish to have your payload extended and feel that you qualify, all we require is a picture of your compliance plate and New Age Gold Coast can arrange to order an upgraded plate from the Manufacturer.

Please email your picture to . Admin cost is $110.

Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Caravan between Services

New Age Caravan Desert Rose Offroad camping

Your New Age Caravan requires 10000km/Annual Services but between this period here are some preventative tips to help avoid those last minute panic situations that occur moments before you head off on your caravan holiday.

AES/Compressor Fridge: When your caravan’s fridge is not in use, it’s a good idea to wipe out the interior, dry it, and then to leave the door partially opened to prevent the occurrence of mould or smell.

Air Conditioner: Regularly inspect your air conditioner filters as wasp nests can form and if the filters clog, the air conditioner will struggle to operate especially in warm weather.

Hot Water Service (HWS) Anode: On a monthly basis inspect your anode in the hot water system. The anode is designed to corrode and depending on the condition of the water, this can occur rapidly or slowly. For more information on this click here.

Solar Panels: Roof mounted solar panels can get dirty and collect dust so regularly wipe down the panels with some warm soapy water which will aid in the improvement of solar electricity creation.

Diesel Heater: For those with off road caravans, the diesel heater is  popular appliance, but bare in mind the fuel can go off over time and when travelling in tropical climates. For when the heater is not planned to be used for a long time drain all the diesel out of the tank. Run the heater until it runs out of fuel – it will turn off when it runs dry and won’t hurt it.
Plug both the fresh air inlet pipe to the burner and the exhaust pipe. This will stop insects building nests in the pipes.

Awning: Like Solar panels, the awning can build up with dirt so wash the awning skin with warm soapy water. Leave the awning extended and only retract once clean and dry.

Caravan Heaters – Diesel vs Gas?

If you are planning on taking your caravan to cold locations such as the snow or Tasmania, fitment of a floor mounted heating unit is a great idea.

A standard caravan air conditioner will not

But what is best – Diesel or Gas powered heaters

There are benefits of both systems.

Gas powered heating like the Truma Vario Eco below is very quiet and features a carbon-monoxide monitor for your safety.

This features improved room temperature control, requires minimal maintenance and you can set to an actual temperature. This fan motor in the heater is stronger than previous models for serious off-road caravanning.

Diesel heaters such as above are thought to be more robust and slightly cheaper to run . They do make slightly more noise, from the air intake and exhaust (outside, underneath the van) when initially heating the van. The noise inside the van from a diesel heater is quieter than a 240volt electric fan heater and is certainly quieter than a reverse cycle air-conditioner.

Those that have a preference for a Diesel heater like the fact that it is running off it’s own power source. Bare in mind, Diesel fuel can go off in tropical climates so it is something to keep in mind.

For pricing on heater fitment have a look here

Still Need Assistance?

If you need further assistance feel free to call the helpful Service team at New Age Caravans Gold Coast or email