Month: April 2019

Welcome to Beau Hudson – our latest Ambassadors

Say a big hello to GC Designer BeauHudson (Sash and Roscoe) are on their Easter caravanning adventures with their three young children (Halen, Duke and Knox) right now!!  Embarking on an adventure that will take them all around SE Queensland in a new New Age Caravan. Drool over their instagram account, keen photographers, the inspiration on their wall was breathtaking!! We are so excited for them and can’t wait to follow along with their stories!!

Upgrading your Caravan Compliance Plate

new age caravan compliance plate

With the upcoming vehicle commpliance laws, no longer can a caravan manufacturer upgrade the current compliance plate. As a Duty of Care New Age caravans as standard allow for maximum 400kg on single-axle caravans and 600kg for dual-axle caravans plated at manufacture.

If you have a pre- 2018 New Age Caravan it may qualify for an ATM upgrade on the compliance plate but only through an authorised and certified Independent Engineer.

If you wish to have your payload extended and feel that you qualify, we recommend you contact a local authorised and certified Independent Engineer to you. Click here to search.

Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Caravan between Services

New Age Caravan Desert Rose Offroad camping

Your New Age Caravan requires 10000km/Annual Services but between this period here are some preventative tips to help avoid those last minute panic situations that occur moments before you head off on your caravan holiday.

AES/Compressor Fridge: When your caravan’s fridge is not in use, it’s a good idea to wipe out the interior, dry it, and then to leave the door partially opened to prevent the occurrence of mould or smell.

Air Conditioner: Regularly inspect your air conditioner filters as wasp nests can form and if the filters clog, the air conditioner will struggle to operate especially in warm weather.

Hot Water Service (HWS) Anode: On a monthly basis inspect your anode in the hot water system. The anode is designed to corrode and depending on the condition of the water, this can occur rapidly or slowly. For more information on this click here.

Solar Panels: Roof mounted solar panels can get dirty and collect dust so regularly wipe down the panels with some warm soapy water which will aid in the improvement of solar electricity creation.

Diesel Heater: For those with off road caravans, the diesel heater is  popular appliance, but bare in mind the fuel can go off over time and when travelling in tropical climates. For when the heater is not planned to be used for a long time drain all the diesel out of the tank. Run the heater until it runs out of fuel – it will turn off when it runs dry and won’t hurt it.
Plug both the fresh air inlet pipe to the burner and the exhaust pipe. This will stop insects building nests in the pipes.

Awning: Like Solar panels, the awning can build up with dirt so wash the awning skin with warm soapy water. Leave the awning extended and only retract once clean and dry.

Pre-Trip Caravan Check

Before leaving on your next caravan adventure, or prior to travelling to your next destination, run through this checklist below to help ensure a safe and pleasant journey.

1. Inside your caravan, make sure :

all the cupboards are securely closed
the refrigerator door is locked
all hatches are secured
the TV antenna is wound down and secured in the travel position
loose items in the caravan secured (eg wedge TV under seating or bed do not leave on bracket)
window mechanism locked but shades open

2. Ensure your caravan is correctly coupled to the tow vehicle. Then check your safety chain/s. Two chains are normally fitted. Crisscross the chains and use ‘D’ shackles to connect them to the secure points on the towbar.

3. Ensure that the electrical plug between caravan and tow vehicle is connected. Then, check the brake lights, tail lights, turn indicators, clearance lights and electric brakes (if fitted) to make sure they are working.

4. Check that the wheel nuts on all wheels have been tightened to the manufacturers specification. These should be tightened with a torque wrench to 90ft lb or 125nm and they should be retightened at intervals of 100km for the first 400km and every 1000km after that.

5. Ensure that tyre pressures are correct as per manufacturer specifications. Adjust if required. (tyre pressures can be found on the side wall of the tyre)

6. Before moving off, make sure that:

the gas is turned off
door locked
picnic table locked
jockey wheel removed and secured in a safe location
levelling jacks (drop legs) fully wound up
step near the door raised
caravan handbrake released

7. Finally, walk around the caravan for one last check. It can be very embarrassing to drive off with electrical lead still connected!

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Meet our Team

My name is Paul. I have spent most of my working life in people related industries and developed skills in event management before moving to the caravan industry where i have managed to use both of my previous skill sets with my customers and caravan shows throughout Qld and NSW. I am passionate about creating a 10/10 customer experience so that people purchasing their dream caravan will never forget our dealership. I truly believe that New Age Caravans are the premium caravan brand in Australia and I look forward to developing relationships with all of our customers.

lady in caravan window

Hello I’m Olivia. I’ve spent the last 7 years in the caravan industry. Prior to that I worked at Hills for one of Australia’s most recognisable icons (the Hills Hoist) in IT and also Idexx veterinary laboratories as a PA. I like to look after all of our New Age clientele, past present and future. I take care of your caravan build order throughout the entire process and I am your Ambassador in Queensland if you ever need special care regardless of how old or new your New Age caravan is. I am your direct link to the New Age factory – send me your feedback to email

Mat Kilborn

Mat Kilborn – With almost 18 years in the automotive industry, working in large dealerships with leading manufactures like Honda, Nissan and Toyota as the Service Manager, I have amassed a wealth of knowledge in these areas. I apply myself passionately and without fear to any task at hand. I made the change to the caravan industry in February of 2014 and have not looked back. I have enjoyed adapting my knowledge and expertise from the automotive industry to the caravan industry.

I have worked with New Age Caravans since my entry into the caravan industry. I am excited about continuing to work alongside, what I feel, is the industry leader. Their continual growth, innovation and best of all there back up, sets them aside from the rest.I have completed my Diploma of Business, Certificate 4 in Business Management, Nissan Australia Parts Management Course, Toyota Australia Service Advisor Certification, HVRAS just to name a few.

Away from work I am part of a very large and close family that loves spending time with each other. I have a lovely wife Sarah, and 2x girls Emma (3) and Kiera (12). I also love my golf and motocross. I have recently taken motocross back up after a 10 year break, and enjoy traveling and racing with my family by my side.


Hi I’m Luke, a boilermaker by trade now working for New Age for a chance to challenge myself in a new industry. I take care of all things service related here on the Gold Coast. When I am not at work I spend my spare time at the beach, working on my motorbike and doing yoga.


Hi I’m Jess and I am your Build Support Specialist. Its my job to turn your vision into reality. I love working with New Age Caravans as they are at the forefront of innovation and technology. When I’m not at work I love spending time with my family and travelling. Most recently I have returned from Rainbow Beach camping with the family and am keen to plan my next adventure.


G’day I’m Russ. I love working for New Age as its all about lifestyle, we are selling the dream, I want everyone to experience what I experienced. Young or old it is never to late! With 16years corporate management experience in big box retail stores it came time where I lost the passion for what I did. Embarking on the journey of our big lap for 12 months enjoying my family this became my time to work out what next. Funny thing is after 12 months I still had no idea and returned back to my old workplace. Returning back to my old workplace was a mistake however if I had not have made that decision I would not be where I am today.

I love what I do and I have fun doing it! Knowing what I know now it all comes down to Great service, Great Product, Great Back up. Speaking with so many customers one thing most people are so disappointed with is quality and no after sales service. I am proud to say New Age Gold Coast provide The best quality, the best experience and the best back up you will find in the industry and we pride ourselves on this.

When I’m not at work I am spending as much time with my family as possible. My family is number 1. My wife is my rock, my kids are my world. Spending time with them is always my priority, everything else comes second. I love the outdoors and going camping so whenever I can get away and get a fishing line in the water I will. In 2015 I traveled and free camped Australia for 12 months with my wife and 4 Kids. To ask what is my favourite place is a very hard question. Every place carried its own beauty as all states and territories are so vastly different. However we did spend a lot of time In Albany and Esperance and loved the beauty it had to offer. Could definitely call it home!

lasy holding caravan grab handle

Hi I’m Sarah, I’ve been working in the caravan industry for 8 years. During that time I have performed many roles from accounting, stock control and show co-ordination. I make it my business to work hard to ensure that the logistical parts of the dealership run smoothly. I have taken on a bigger role at New Age Caravans Gold Coast in Accounting which challenges me and am committed to New Age and the dealership.

I am an animal-lover, in my spare time I like to escape to the country and horse-ride. My family is very important to me as I have two daughters and a husband who I love spending time with.


I’m Mikhael and I am part of the sales team here at New Age Gold Coast. I love dealing with such a wide range of customers ranging from young families to retirees. The caravan industry is such a diverse industry that allows me to fulfill peoples dreams, it’s also quite different from anything I have worked in before and has offered me many opportunities. I have worked in the industry for over 4 years now in the workshop, setting up the caravan shows and now in sales.

In my spare time I love spending time in the area that I live in, going to the beach, exploring the rain forests, finding new places to fish or swim. I also like to stay fit, I go to CrossFit every day and the gym quite often too, prior to this I played football. I am also quite a movie buff so I don’t mind a sneaky trip to the cinemas or bit of a binge on Netflix . Spending time with my partner, friends and family is also very important to me. I still have a lot of family in Adelaide so I enjoy traveling down there and visiting them. It is also my plan to travel over the next few years and I am very excited for this.

lady receptionist smiling grey cardigan

Hi I’m Leah, I’m new to the Caravan Industry with a background of working in a Medical Practice, its definitely a big change – one that I have taken on with an open mind. I love working with the team at New Age, I might only be new but feels like home already. This has definitely been a rewarding challenge and one that I hope to continue doing for a long time.

New Age Caravan Sales Team member holding awning

My name is Sean Roberts, I am 44 years old and have lived in Tweed Heads most of my life.

I have a 17 year old daughter who is doing grade 12 at Tweed River High School.

I am a qualified motor mechanic and worked in car dealerships from the age of 15, mainly as a salesman or as the Used car manager for the last 6 years.

I lived on a yacht for 5 years whilst I was little and a houseboat for 5 years as a teenager.

I follow Rugby League and Cricket and love surfing and anything to do with the beach.