Buying a New Caravan? What to Look for

A caravan manufacturer that is a member of accreditation organisations means they have been taken through the checks and balances and audited regularly for quality standards.

Avoid the temptation of ordering direct from the factory. This will not aid for easy convenient warranty support for the lifetime of your caravan.

A caravan manufacturer that participates in R&D and Safety Testing is one that is always improving to meet your needs. New Age Caravans owned by Walkinshaw use their Walkinshaw HSV facilities and expertise in all aspects of design and testing.

With the upcoming RVSA Laws and Legislation taking affect in 2020, rest assured New Age Caravans are ADR Compliant for peace-of-mind on the road. All of our new caravans comply with all applicable Australian Design Rules ensuring their legality in ALL Australan states and territories.

For Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers and Importers in Australia, the Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) is set to completely transform the industry as we know it.  New Age Caravans are RVSA ready!