Month: January 2021

How to Operate your RV Wifi

RV Wifi is a popular option to access wireless internet in your caravanning and camping adventures. Here are some handy hints!

Some luxury New Age caravans feature RV Wifi as standard. These units are mounted within an overhead cupboard and wired to 12V.

Set Up your RV Wifi Unit

To allow your RV Wifi to access data, slide a standard size Sim Card into the base of the unit.

To allow your RV Wifi to access data, slide a standard size Sim Card into the base of the unit. Most sim cards that have a data allowance and are an Australian Provider on the 4G Mobile network will suffice.

Connect to your RV Wifi Unit

1) On the device (phone/laptop/tablet), go to: settings
2) Go to: Wi-Fi
3) Wait for RVWIFI123abc (each router will have its own unique series of numbers and letters following RV WIFI), to come up on the list of possible WIFI options

4) Click on RVWIFI123abc
5) If the device has already been connected to the RVwifi Router it will recognise it and connect automatically, however if this is the first time connecting to it, it will ask for the WIFI password
6) Type in the password ” rvwifi1234 ” – (all lower case)

7) Wait for the device to indicate that it is connected. If at this point you cannot connect, perform a factory reset.

How to do a Factory Reset

WARNING: This procedure will reset all of the settings applied to this router, back to original factory settings, and your passwords will be forgotten. Use this procedure if errors are occurring that may be related to unknown settings.
Once you have followed the steps below, please follow the User Manual to set up a new password. A downloadable version of this can be found on our website:
Please note, this does not impact any data usage or activation.

Follow these steps below to return your RV Wi-Fi router to the factory settings.

  1. Locate on the side of our router, the ‘Reset’ button.
  2. Using a pointed instrument – like a pen, depress and hold the button until the Wi-Fi button on the front of the router begins to ‘flash’ quickly.
  3. Release the ‘Reset’ button.
  4. The lights on the front of the router will all light up and after 2 minutes the unit will have ‘reset’ to factory settings
  5. Turn the router off and on.

Still experiencing issues?

Please get in contact with RV wifi on

Grand Opening Super Sale

To celebrate our new location we have up to $5000 of accessories on offer for 10 days only. Celebrate and peruse in the comfort of the Gold Coasts’ only undercover air conditioned caravan dealership. An added bonus is that we can put you and your family into a caravan before Christmas this year! There are Super prizes to give away including: an Oz Xtend Annexe valued at $3200 and a $500 Stratton voucher.


  • $500 of Factory Accessories on any new Wayfinder model purchased.
  • $1500 of Factory Accessories on any new Gecko or Road Owl model purchased.
  • $2000 of Factory Accessories on any new Manta Ray model purchased.
  • $3000 of Factory Accessories on any new Big Red or XU model purchased.
  • $4000 of Factory Accessories on any new Desert Rose model purchased.
  • $5000 of Factory Accessories on any new Oz Classic model purchased.

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    1. Offer is valid for all retail sales received across new 2021 and 2022 ordered caravans, pop tops and camper trailers from 7th May to 16th May 2021.
    2. All eligible caravans and camper trailers must be delivered before 2023.
    3. This program is not retrospective and shall apply to new Dealer retail orders received during the program period on new caravans & camper trailers only.
    4. Used caravans are not included in this campaign.
    5. Each customer that purchases a new build New Age caravan, pop top or camper trailer will then go in the draw to win a choice of the following prizes:
    1. An Oz Xtend Annexe worth $3200
    2. $500 Stratton Visa Card Voucher
    1. Offer is not transferable, assignable or exchangeable for other goods or services. Offer cannot be exchanged for additional discount.
    2. New Age Caravans Gold Coast will not be accountable for any promises made by the Manufacturer outside of these terms and conditions.
    3. Decisions by New Age Caravans Gold Coast are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
    4. New Age Caravans Gold Coast accepts no responsibility for any tax implications that may arise from this promotion.
    5. New Age Caravans Gold Coast reserves the right to make changes or close the program early at any time without prior notification. Errors and omissions excepted.

    *Offer strictly ends 5pm 16th May 2021

    25th Prize winners drawn below: