Ozone Shield Protection for your Caravan

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Watch Ben and Leah demonstrate this product in a New Age caravan below.
We recommend Ozone Shield as a Complete Protection Program for your caravan. The external and internal treatments are designed to complement each other to achieve maximum protection for your investment.

Why OzoneShield?

  • Enhance your Caravan Resale value. A completely treated caravan will always attract a better resale price down the track. By preotecting the entire caravan and not just parts of it, you can rest assured that the next owner will be attracted to your RV because of it’s appearance,  upkeep and condition.
  • Save you Time. Say goodbye to waxing and polishing and spending endless hours cleaning your caravan.
  • Lifetime Warranty. There is peace of mind knowling that your caravan is protected with a once-off application and annual inspections. The inspections are carried out at your dealerrship for complete caravan maintenance and upkeep.
    • The upholstery treatment treats & protects your caravan seating & head bumpers and mag pouches from Staining
    • Antimicrobial properties prevent mould not only on upholstery but on the exterior surface
    • Ideal for families and pet friendly
    • Non-toxic and odourless
    • Upholstery treatment repels liquid, spills, dirt, food and perspiration
    • Protects against grease and grime.
    • Nano Ceramic protection sports a 9H hardness (as strong as glass) layer that is UV, thermal and chemical resistant
    • Hydrophobic effect, keeping your caravan cleaner longer
    • Leather / leatherette treatment protects against UV fading, cracking and perspiration stains
  • Upholstery Demonstration

  • Cladding Demonstration