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New Age Caravans Gold Coast strongly advise you to take up comprehensive cover for your caravan, poptop or camper trailer. Comprehensive cover allows you to claim for damage to your caravan as well as any damage caused to someone else’s property. Feel free to fill out the CIL a quote here if you need.


Key information about CIL SecureTM
Caravan Insurance
Type of Insurance
This policy provides comprehensive cover for loss or damage to
your caravan.
We offer two types of cover – Australia wide cover and On-site
only cover. The cover you have chosen will be shown on your
Note: You can also insure a camper trailer, 5th wheeler, slide
on, trailer, horsefloat or tiny house on wheels. In this case, your
caravan means the camper trailer, 5th wheeler, slide on, trailer,
horsefloat or tiny house on wheels shown on your schedule.
What we cover
Accidental loss or damage to your caravan caused by an
incident during the period of insurance. Examples of incidents
include, hail, storm (including cyclone), fire, theft and collision.
We also cover your legal liability to pay compensation for death
or bodily injury to other people, or loss or damage to their
property caused by the use of your caravan.
Exclusion for new policies
We do not insure you for bushfire, storm, flood or
tsunami in the first 72 hours of your policy. Very limited
exceptions apply. For full details see page 25 in section
3 ‘Things we don’t cover’.
What we pay
The most we will pay for any one incident is the amount insured
for your caravan as shown on your schedule, unless we say
otherwise in your policy.
We will also pay:
• up to $20 million for all claims from any one incident for
legal liability covered by this policy including all associated
legal costs;
• up to the limits outlined under the relevant Additional and
Optional covers.
This is a summary only. Like all policies, there are
conditions, limits and exclusions that apply so you need
to read your policy for full details.
Additional covers that come with your policy
There are some additional covers that come with your policy for
no extra cost. See section 5 ‘Additional covers that come with
your policy’ on page 37 for more information.