Auto Electrical

New Age caravans have specific wiring requirements to connect your caravan successfully to your tow vehicle.


12 Pin Plug configurations *necessary

Caravan Electrical Solutions have wired the 12 Pin Plug on your New Age caravan as per the table below. Please ensure that you take the below information to your authorised AutoElectrician when setting up your vehicle to tow your New Age caravan.

Pin No. Description Cable Colour Cable Comments
1. Left Hand Indicator Yellow ECA3 1.13
2. Reverse Signal (If Applicable) Black ECA3 1.13
3. Earth Return White ECA4 1.85
4. Right Hand Indicator Green ECA3 1.13
5. Service Brakes BlueECA4 1.85
6. Stop Lights Red ECA3 1.13
7. Clearance/Marker Lights Brown ECA3 1.13
8. Fridge




Black ECA4



Wired to battery positive (+) of tow vehicle. It is recommended that this supply is taken off a dual battery isolating devise that allows the power supply to the fridge to be fed only when the alternator of the car is charging.
Wiring this way insures that the tow-vehicles battery will not be discharged/run flat when left connected with the vehicle switched off. This cable should be 10mm² in cross sectional area. Pin 8 runsthe element on the fridge, this requires a 10mm² cable due to voltage drop.  A 30amp circuit breaker is recommended.
9. Brake-safe Remote battery monitor Purple ECA4 1.85 Wired to the brake safe battery remote monitor (part number: RM6000 for vans pre 2019) or  (part number “Trailcheck” for post 2019 caravans) that is located within the vehicle. This is only required for NSW registered tow vehicles, this is not required in any other state unless specifically requested.
10. Earth Return Black  10  Wired to earth of tow vehicle
11.  Spare
12. AES Fridge sensing wire Pink ECA4 1.85 This is an ignition signal that activates the 12volt circuit in the fridge automatically. For the fridge to operate on 12-volt this pin needs to have 12-volt power. This needs to be sourced from the ignition or alternator.

Please note: Whilst there are no formal standards for the 12 Pin Plug configurations CES believe that the above table offers the best solutions for both car and caravan compatibility whilst towing. If you have any concerns regarding the above configurations please contact CES to discuss.

If you will be picking up your caravan from the Gold Coast, let Matthew in our Service Department know if you require this service arranged.

Grey Anderson Plug *necessary

Your New Age caravan will be fitted with a Grey Anderson plug next to the 12 pin plug. This is used to charge the caravan battery from the cars alternator. This is also recommended to be supplied through a dual battery isolating device. 8mm² cable is to be used.
Please note, some modern 4×4 vehicles have a load dependent alternator (smart alternator) which alters its output depending on requirements of the load. If the tow vehicle is fitted with this technology it is recommended that a DC to DC charger be fitted.
If a DC to DC charger is fitted to the vehicle some minor alterations may be necessary to be done by your Auto-electrician when setting up your vehicle.

Electric Brakes *necessary

Electric brakes need to be fitted on your tow vehicle. Most brands are fine, but you can discuss this with your auto electrician. We recommend Red-Arc TowPro. Here is a link to how the Red-Arc Tow Pro works.

Reverse Camera *if required

If you have ordered or own a Reverse Camera/ Rear view system (most popular is Safety Dave ) please arrange with your Auto-Electrician, fitment, mounting and wiring to your tow vehicle as New Age Caravans Gold Coast are not authorised to configure your vehicle. Not all New Age caravan builds are fitted with a Reverse Camera, your caravan plan will determine if the Rear Camera is required.

Amphibian converter *if you will be plugging your caravan into your 10A house power

If you wish to power your caravan onto house 10A Power – this power converter/adaptor to 15A accessory allows you to do this. The alternative is you can request for an Electrician to create a 15A point in your house storage area.