The Manta Ray 20 and 22 foot bunk caravans are being joined by a Limited Edition 19 foot caravan in 2021. This limited edition series released for the 2021 market is one of only 50 available and has even more extra bells and whistles than the standard Manta Ray. This is the first caravan featuring a new and improved Walkinshaw 2.0 chassis. The Walkinshaw 2.0 chassis features a modular design that has been engineered to reduce overall weight whilst improving weight distribution. It also features improved plumbing & electrical installation
and serviceability. This spacious 19 foot Ensuite caravan provides a comfortable travelling experience for Qld families wanting to visit the places they love in this beautiful state. With ample interior space and cutting edge caravan technology, the 19 foot limited release family van will ensure you arrive in style. We encourage you to contact us to secure your caravan which will be ready before Christmas 2021!